Nebraska BQA Certification

ATTENTION: Do you want to attend an in-person certification event but have a BQA or BQAT Certification that is expiring before the date of the event you want to attend?
Because Nebraska BQA is working to operate on a set training location schedule, Nebraska BQA is offering a one time only certification extension. Your current certificate will be extened until the date of the in-person event you would like to attend. To take advantage of this extension, contact Nebraska BQA at or 308-633-0158

It is easy to become Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) or Beef Quality Assurance Transportation (BQAT) Certified. To become BQA or BQAT certified, you will need to either attend an in-person training or by completing one of the online module tracts found at If you have any questions regarding BQA or BQAT certification, check out our FAQs page or Contact us!

Are you already certified and need to look up your certification number? Access the National BQA Database. 

Beef Quality Assurance Certification Fees



Operation with ≥ 5 employees


Beef Quality Assurance In-person Training

Producers are strongly encouraged to attend an in-person training in order to have more interaction with there BQA trainer to answer any questions associated with BQA. Producers can get certified in-person one of two ways:  

  1. Attending a scheduled in-person training. Click here to find an in-person training happening near you!
  2. Contacting a veterinarian or Nebraska Beef Extension Educator who is a certified BQA trainer. Click here to find a certified BQA trainer near you!

Do you have over 20 producers or employees and are interested in hosting or scheduling a BQA training in your area? Contact us, and let us know!

Beef Quality Assurance Online Training

While we strongly suggest in-person trainings in order for you to have more interaction with your BQA trainer to answer any questions you may have, we understand it is hard from some producers to step way from their operation. This is why the online BQA training modules are beneficial. A producer can complete the free online training modules at any time and at their own pace. Producers only need to complete one of the following tracks to be BQA certified: the Cow-Calf modules, the Stocker/Backgrounder modules, or the Feedyard modules.  

There are also online training modules for BQA Transportation. If you are a producer who wants to ensure you are following the best transportation practices on your operation, the BQAT Farmer/Rancher training modules are for you.

If you are a cattle hauler who delivers cattle to a commercial beef packing plant, you will need to complete the Professional Driver training modules in order to receive a BQAT certification card that is required by beef packing plants. 

Click here to become BQA or BQAT certified online!

BQA Re-Certification

In the past producers would have to attend another BQA training or repeat the online BQA training modules in order to become BQA certified. While this will still be an option for you, Nebraska BQA is excited to introduce other options to recertify your BQA certification. These options are listed below. 

  1. Attend a BQA in-person training or recertify by completing one of the online BQA modules.
  2. Attend 3 hours of approved BQA continuing education over the 3 year period in which you hold a valid BQA certification. Continuing education events are listed here.  You must submit proof of attendance/participation by submitting receipts or registration confirmation (Pictures or Hardcopy) to Nebraska BQA via email or mail (Attention: Nebraska BQA, 4502 Avenue I Scottsbluff, NE 69361). The party needing to re-certify their BQA certificate, will also need to complete and pass a BQA re-certification test. A re-certification test can be completed with any certified Nebraska BQA trainer ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE SENT ALL AT ONCE WHEN IT IS TIME TO RENEW THE BQA CERTIFICATION.


On-site/Private BQA Certification Form 

This form is for NEBQA certified BQA trainers or individuals who got certified by a NEBQA certified trainer on their operation. On-site/Private BQA Certification Form. DO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM UNLESS A TRAINING HAS BEEN CONDUCTED! All submissions through this form will be verifyed with the NEBQA trainer listed on the form. Falsified trainings or trainings not conducted by a NEBQA certified trainer, will not be honored. If you are trying to get BQA certified, see the ways you can do so above.