NBQA News Archive

Jun 1 2021

The Beef Industry Believes in BQA and So Should You!

Consumers care about the welfare of food animals whose product may eventually end up on their table. This leads consumers to ask questions about how their food is raised, in this instance, beef. In order to provide consumers with answers, many restaurants, food service, and retailers adopt and implement animal welfare programs.

Aug 1 2021

Ensuring Beef Quality Assurance to Beat the Heat

The summer heat is bearing down across the nation. With the summer heat comes the concern for animal welfare, specifically towards cattle in feedlots. With rising temperatures and high humidity, cattle are more prone to heat stress. This concern increases when winds die down reducing air movement.

May 6 2021

Bird and buckshot: The hidden defect cattle producers should prevent

In rare situations when the beef industry finds itself the subject of disparaging headlines, it is generally successful in combating misinformation with factual, positive messaging.

Apr 29 2021

Ensuring Safe, High-Quality Beef Products

Quality assurance programs are all too familiar across the beef industry. Typically, these programs are discussed at the food product plants where we are working to maintain the quality of product after the animal is harvested.

However, what about before the animal is harvested? Does how we raise and handle the animal before harvest affect the quality of the beef? Yes.

Apr 6 2021

Why Should You Become BQA Certified?

Our previous article gave a quick overview of the importance and history of the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) program. This article discusses what the BQA program has done to benefit the industry, and why it is important for producers to implement its guidelines on their operations.
Mar 15 2021

March Nebraska BQA Update with Nebraska Cattlemen

Hear from Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance (NBQA) Director, Jesse Fulton, as he provides an update to the Nebraska Cattlemen's Producer Education Webinar on March 9, 2021.
Mar 12 2021

BQA Tailgate Talk

Hear from the Director of Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance, Jesse Fulton, on the importance of BQA Certification.
Mar 2 2021

NE BQA Announces New Director

Introducing the newest face in Nebraska Extension, Jesse Fulton, M.S. the new Director of Nebraska Beef Quality Assurance.